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Dr Nikki

Dr Nikki Siso has a Master's in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard, where she learned about how toxins get into our environment and bodies that lead to chronic illnesses, fatigue, and brain fog.


Her personal struggle with Type 1 Diabetes, then led her to complete a PhD in Holistic Health and Nutrition from the University of Natural Health, where she became a Holistic Health Practitioner and learned how to heal the body naturally. 


As she adjusted her diet and mental state, Dr. Nikki experienced a surge in energy and peace of mind. She felt compelled to share her knowledge. So she founded Aspen Talks Health later renamed Dr. Nikki Talks Health. She blends her knowledge with that of the expert guests from a variety of health fields to create a holistic approach to healing. She strongly believes the mind plays a significant role in physical health. Releasing stored emotions from childhood (and the limiting beliefs they create) is an essential component to living a happy fulfilled life. 

One thing is clear... I beat to my own drum. Always have. Always will.

I was raised by a strong Israeli woman who taught me to have the courage to pursue my dreams. She convinced me everything I wanted was attainable. 

Growing up, we moved often. By often, I mean every 2 years on average. Most parents aim to create stability for their child by staying in one place. My Mama created stability by getting
me very used to change. The one constant in life!

Since I was always the new girl, I had to learn how to break the ice quickly. I became a master at creating deep meaningful relationships in very short time spans.

What I discovered: It's actually quite easy. The more open I was... the more open people would be with me.

My point in sharing this, is that it took confidence to show up myself in ever-changing new environments. I wasn't always accepted right away and I had to keep showing up as myself till I was understood. And better yet appreciated for my uniqueness. 

I continued this moving  every 2 years pattern my entire 42 years of life. I enjoy a place until I feel I've experienced it thoroughly and somewhere else starts calling me. I've lived around the world, met incredible souls, seen 62 countries and can't fathom anything different. My life has been a collection of eye-opening exploration, personal growth, intimate friendships and beautiful memories.
I've been blessed, guided, and protected for sure. But I created this. It just took a lot of confidence... trust in myself that I will figure out the way. When you have faith in your abilities... you can create magic. Especially when you learn how to tap into your intuition AND tap into a universal wisdom to help guide you.
I share all this because you can create the life of your dreams too! You are more powerful than you realize. I will teach you how to tap in and get guidance. When you learn this... you become a manifesting machine. Anything you want to create for yourself becomes possible. 
If you know there is something larger possible for you, book a call with me. I will show you how to eliminate self-doubt and start living life to your FULL potential. No fear - just pure freedom to show up BIG and manifest the life you have been dreaming of.
You were guided to me for a reason. Sign up for the free confidence boosting training or if you are ready to dive in... book a complimentary discovery call with me today!

Sending so much love,
Dr. Nikki