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What would your life look like if you could remove self doubt and start living with full confidence?

Learn how to skyrocket your confidence so that you can create

abundance and freedom in your life!

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Confidence for Business

  • Deliver a powerful speech

  • Close big ticket clients

  • Charge what you are worth

Whether you want more...


Confidence for Life

  • Attract a quality mate

  • Speak your truth

  • Move to Bali!

I can help you become a manifesting machine! You are more powerful than you  realize... You just need to get out of your own way. When you stop blocking the universe from collaborating with you, you can literally ask and receive. It's fun! I will show you how to tap in, get guidance, and manifest your dreams!

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More Confidence = More Freedom

  • Freedom from Self Judgement

  • Freedom from Addictions

  • Freedom from Playing Small

  • Freedom to Create & Manifest

  • Freedom to Express Your Truth

  • Freedom to Travel & Explore

Free to be the authentic amazing you!


1a: a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances

     had perfect confidence in her ability to succeed

     met the risk with brash confidence

b: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way

    have confidence in a leader

2: the quality or state of being certain : CERTITUDE

    they had every confidence of success

3a: a relation of trust or intimacy

    took his friend into his confidence

Confidence is the single most important determinant of your success!


Whether you want to give a powerful speech, start a new business, attract the partner of your dreams, or move to a new country... you need confidence in your ability to do it. The good news is you are in control of your confidence and you can strengthen it with practice.

     "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not... you are right!" -Henry Ford


Limiting beliefs gets programmed in childhood and can stop you from showing up your best and creating the life of your dreams. Stop letting self-doubt ruin your life. You are just as capable as anyone else!


Confidence By No Coincidence  will help you catch the self-doubt by keeping you focussed on confidence boosting thoughts. When you learn how to actively control and direct your thoughts... you become a manifesting machine!

Having faith in your abilities to achieve greatness is 100% up to you! Learn how to use the clicker to reconnect to your power and watch how your life transforms.


You CAN achieve greatness! You just have to trust in your ability to do so!


Sending you lots of love!

Dr. Nikki

PS. You only need to hold the clicker for the first few days. Your subconscious learns quickly. Once you get in the habit of catching your limiting beliefs you can do it without the clicker in hand. When you feel you are off track and need a confidence boost… simply pick up the clicker and the effects will be immediate.

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A little about me...

One thing is for sure... I beat to my own drum.

Always have. Always will.

I was raised by a strong Israeli woman who taught me to have

the courage to pursue my dreams. She convinced me nothing

was unattainable. 

Growing up, we moved often. By often, I mean every 2 years on average. Most parents aim to create stability for their child by staying in one place. My Mama created stability by getting

me very used to change. The one constant in life!

Since I was always the new girl, I had to learn how to break the ice quickly. I became a master at creating deep meaningful relationships in very short time spans.


What I discovered: It's actually quite easy. The more open I was... the more open people would be with me.

My point in sharing this, is that it took confidence to show up myself in ever-changing new environments. I wasn't always accepted right away and I had to keep showing up as myself till I was understood. And better yet appreciated for my uniqueness. 

I continued this moving  every 2 years pattern my entire 42 years of life. I enjoy a place until I feel I've experienced it thoroughly and somewhere else starts calling me. I've lived around the world, met incredible souls, seen 62 countries and can't fathom anything different. My life has been a collection of eye-opening exploration, personal growth, intimate friendships and beautiful memories.


I've been blessed, guided, and protected for sure. But I created this. It just took a lot of confidence... trust in myself that I will figure out the way. When you have faith in your abilities... you can create magic. Especially when you learn how to tap into your intuition AND tap into a universal wisdom to help guide you.


I share all this because you can create the life of your dreams too! You are more powerful than you realize. I will teach you how to tap in and get guidance. When you learn this... you become a manifesting machine. Anything you want to create for yourself becomes possible. 


If you know there is something larger possible for you, book a call with me. I will show you how to eliminate self-doubt and start living life to your FULL potential. No fear - just pure freedom to show up BIG and manifest the life you have been dreaming of.


You were guided to me for a reason. Sign up for the free confidence boosting training or if you are ready to dive in... book a complimentary discovery call with me today!

Sending so much love,

Dr. Nikki

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