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Your health is very much linked to how much you love yourself. Most of us consciously love ourselves. I’m a beautiful loving soul. I know that. But my inner subconscious is bashing! One critique after another. 


Growing up, my mother wanted to push me to do my best. Her intended words of encouragement were… “you can do better.” All I heard was... “I’m not good enough.” 


As Gary John Bishop stated so well… we are wired to succeed. If you have the thoughts… I’m not good enough… your brain will actively search for evidence that this is true. Every comment my mother made was evidence that I will never be good enough for her. If she didn’t like the way I made her tea… See! I’m not good enough. 


Point is, your inner dialogue generates emotions which can lead to destructive behaviors (such as overeating or addictions) or the emotions get stored in your tissues and overtime create disease.


The following exercise will explain the point: Consider your current health. Are you overweight? Have been diagnosed with a disease? 


Consider for a moment how your health condition makes you feel? When you are giving into your food cravings or addictions… how do you feel? 


 For me, Type 1 Diabetes makes me feel defeated. Somedays I can do everything right… eat well, workout hard,

 and yet my sugars are still through the roof. Those days I feel totally defeated. Like nothing I do is ever good enough. Sound familiar? I recreated my childhood emotions with diabetes!


Journal: Take time now and explore how your health condition makes you feel. Then create a mantra using the opposite. 


So if mine is: I feel defeated by diabetes. The opposite could be.

Sample Mantras:

I feel empowered by diabetes as I get to practice self-compassion.

I choose to be kind to myself even if my sugars are high.

I choose to love myself even if I’m not perfect. I am still worthy of love.


When I repeat these mantras, I open up to the possibilities that Diabetes is temporarily here to serve me. That instantly helps me shift into a state of feeling empowered by the lessons Diabetes brings!

Could your health condition be giving you an opportunity to love yourself more? How can it empower you? Make you stronger?  


If you are overweight and the feeling is disapproval of oneself. Consider these… 


Sample Mantras:

I love and approve of myself exactly as I am. 

I have all the love and approval I need within me.

I chose to eat healthy food that nourish my body.

Being kind to yourself when feeling out of control is tough. If you need extra help with this please book a consultation. I'm here to help you identify your subconscious beliefs holding you back. Together we will determine the thoughts and behavioral shifts that can lead to your health returning.

Remember The Clicker Rules:  (click -->video tutorial)

1. Commit to holding your clicker! The more you click the faster you reprogram.

2. Say your mantras out loud and with conviction. Declaring your mantra registers it faster and keeps your attention. Otherwise your thoughts can drift off easier.

3. Keep a journal with you to write down any limiting beliefs that have been governing your life. This will bring more awareness to them so that you can chose differently. 

Please post your favorite mantra on The Clicker Club Facebook group. We want to learn from you and celebrate your success!

See you tomorrow! Love,

Dr. Nikki

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