Get Present

Get Powerful

Ever wish you could stay totally aware at every moment?

Want to quiet your monkey mind?

And connect to your inner wisdom?

Get Present Get Powerful is like mediation on steroids!





Become hyper aware of each moment of your day. When you do you will:
  • Find more joy & pleasure in every moment.
  • Gain control of how you want to show up
  • Choose your responses wisely and enjoy more peace!
One time fee - Lifetime access - Just $29

Getting Present Get Powerful means experiencing every moment as it is. Not as our ego or subconscious programming dictates but rather as conscious beings directing our destiny while playing witness to what unfolds. 


So often we experience life through our programmed filters. We create stories of how the world works as children and then seek to validate those stories/beliefs with each encounter. These perceptions of reality can often be very different from actual reality. For example, when we stop at a red light. The reality is the light turned red. But the story in our heads might be… great now I’m going to be late… I’m always late. Why does this always happen to me? He’s going to be mad at me. Etc. You can see how destructive this story can be when the reality was simply a red light. 


We do this with every experience. A mere glance in another direction can be interpreted as "she's clearly mad at me." This mental capacity to make inferences was originally intended to make sense of the world and keep us safe but in today’s fast-paced competitive world, it can leaves us feeling full of shame and self-doubt. (If self-doubt is real for you please check out Confidence By No Coincidence - that training to rock your world and get you feeling super empowered!)

Get Present Get Powerful will teach you how to stay totally aware all day. You will see each experience or interaction as it is and therefore respond from a balanced peaceful place, instead of reacting from a triggered subconscious space. You will enjoy life's little pleasures with so much more intensity. You will become hyper aware of your surroundings and your inner dialogue. You won’t be governed by your subconscious thoughts anymore. In fact, you will bring your subconscious conscious and life will be in your control as opposed to subjected your conditioned responses to whatever shows up. Lastly, you will experience every moment as a blessing and learn to find gratitude even for the tough times.


This is an essential training for everyone! We can all benefit from being more aware and conscious of our choices. Monks practice for decades to achieve a state of continuous peace. Your brain can be reprogrammed in days with the clicker.


Disclaimer: you only need to hold the clicker for a few days. Your subconscious learns quickly. Once you get in the habit of catching your thoughts and coming back to present moment awareness, you can do it without the clicker in hand. When you feel you are off track and need some realigning… you can pick up the clicker for a few hours and the effects will be immediate.

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  • Get present & stay patient and loving
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