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I'm Dr. Nikki! Let me show you how to get clarity and confidence to pursue the life you have been dreaming of using my Clicker Method.

 Ready to make an impact? 

  Just don't know what to focus on?  

You're in the right place! 

If you know you have potential just feel like something is holding you back...

You have been guided here for a reason.

If you feel stuck start here by watching this free video


Answer these 3 questions to help you clarify what you could offer that would light you up and get you out of bed with excitement to start your day.

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Figuring out

your life can be overwhelming! 

But you don't have to do it alone...



The Clicker is a subconscious reprogramming tool used to identify and replace limiting beliefs with confidence boosting thoughts.

You must actively direct your thoughts or else your subconscious will autoplay thoughts that attracted the life you have now.

Each week you will be taught how to generate a super charged mantra for the area of your life you want to improve. 


Once you master your thoughts, you...



to manifest the life you have been dreaming of!


for you!

Dr. Nikki's

Access to the
Video Vault
Have on-demand access to the 5 videos that will empower you to make a difference in your life!
1 Hour Immersive Coaching 
Deep dive into your purpose & limiting beliefs. Leave with action steps & confidence to get started! 
1 Month Immersive
Enroll in Dr. Nikki's IMPACT Roadmap and get one month of coaching and accountability. 
* Best Value 
Are you ready for your roadmap? 
  One Month Coaching Deliverables:  
Light Bulb

Get crystal clear on your vision that

lights you up & uses all your talents.

Meditation by the Sea

Let go of limiting beliefs holding you back & move foward with confidence!

Working with Laptop

Confidence to share your message and deliver presentations


Learn creative ways to collaborate and attract exactly what you need. 


What To Expect:

1 Deep Dive Call to Clarify Purpose & Vision

1 Deep Dive Call to Identify Limiting Beliefs


4 Check in Calls with Confidence Boosting Clicker Trainings


Brainstorm Session with Action Steps to Scale

Morning Rituals & Journal Topics to Explore & Inspire

Optional Nutrition Review & Meal Planning

What others are 

My mantra was focused on how I deserved to be paid for my work. And suddenly it started happening! People began to pay me for my work rather than ask for favors. It was remarkable! 
I believe in the power of thought and manifestation. 
This tool definitely helps to expedite that process.

Julia Levitan

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