True Health & Happiness

Comes from serving your purpose

Ever feel like you have the potential to create great impact, you just aren't sure how?


Wish you could let go of what's holding you back and move forward with confidence? 


I help entrepreneurs get clarity & confidence to create the life of their dreams... using The Clicker Method.

Get instant access to 3 questions to start figuring our your purpose:

If you are not actively directing your thoughts your subconscious will take over and keep attracting the same life you have now.

If you really want to change your life... you must get clear on your vision and then let go of any limiting beliefs holding you back. We use The Clicker Method to reprogram the subconscious and imprint your vision.


When you align with your purpose and 

master your thoughts, you tap into your power and start manifesting the life of your dreams. 

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Get the results you are looking for using this powerful subconscious reprogramming tool. The Clicker works faster than any other technique out there!  



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Julia Levitan

Julia levitan

Dr. Nikki Siso’s approach to reprograming the subconscious mind is powerfully effective. Her kind, supportive demeanor coupled with the clarity and ease of application of her technique created an amazing experience for me. Within the first 24 hours following the introductory session, I could feel my patterns shifting and my energy levels surged. I had previously worked with mantras and attempted other ways to instill new mindsets and mental programs and have never before experienced results this quickly. 


I am now working with Dr. Nikki to bring this concept into my company and into the work that I do with my teams and clients by having them complete the program as well. Thank you, Dr. Nikki, for opening this up for me and the people in my world!


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This feels like
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Female Hypnotherapy Patient


Control your reactions to

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Fit Confident Girl



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Jillian livingston

Jillian Livingston.jpeg
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I started clicking on opening myself up to receiving money. My mantra was focused on how I deserved to be paid for my work. I needed that to happen so badly that I found myself clicking away for two days. And then it started happening! People out of the blue began to offer to pay me for my work rather than ask for favors. It was remarkable! 


I believe in the power of thought and manifestation. 

This tool definitely helps to expedite that process.

-- Jillian Livingston

Founder of Aspen Real Life

& Aspen Business Connect

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The clicker combined with a super charged mantra helped me instantly! I immediately let go of the need to control a situation. I was able to calm down and got out of my head and into my heart. I felt my nervous system recalibrate. I surrendered into a state of peace.


This is such a simple and easy technique that can be done anywhere. I am loving clicking away throughout the day! 

-- Jade Vieyra  

Jade vieyra

Jade Vieyra.jpg

3 Tips to Stay Patient...

with triggering loved ones!

Loving Child

Yes! Please help me control my reactions


Dr. Nikki Siso

Nikki White2.jpg

I was isolated with my VERY strong-willed Israeli Mother

in the desert… for 3 months!


No where to run. No where to hide. I had to come face-to-face with my subconscious programming of I’m Not Good Enough.

First and foremost, my Mama couldn’t love me more if she tried! I got super lucky! That said, she was (and still is) extremely critical of EVERYthing. And my little girl took each one of her criticisms personally. All my subconscious heard was “I’m not good enough to make Mummy happy.” And since my job was to make her happy, I felt totally defeated with each comment.


Moving in with her during COVID brought this out… daily. I would make her tea, she’d complain that there’s no milk, it’s too hot, there’s not enough… and I would lose it. It would trigger my defeated little girl and I would explode. I was literally yelling daily! Sometimes just minutes after I had meditated. 


I was SO unhappy with myself… with my lack of control!


All I wanted was to stay peaceful and be a loving daughter. And yet I couldn’t. The ruminating thoughts would take over and I became horrible to be around - heavy energy and short tempered - totally the opposite of my usual personality. I literally hated myself around my Mother.


Out of the blue, I remembered the power of the clicker. It was given to me a while back by Aspen Success Coach, Jeff Patterson. He had me use it to overcome some limiting beliefs about my ability to generate great wealth and it worked! I thought maybe there’s a chance it will work for this too. 


So I started clicking on how I wanted to show up with my mother…. patient and loving. Day 1, I still got triggered but was able to stop the ruminating thoughts and switch back to loving kindness quickly. By Day 3, I was in control. No matter what she did or said, I was unaffected. 

That’s when I knew this was something very powerful that others needed to learn about. 


And hence, The Clicker Method was formed. I’m so excited to hear how this helps people gain control of their inner dialogue and create peaceful loving relationships in their life. Check out all the ways the clicker can help you up level your game by reprogramming your subconscious. It will change your life… like it did mine. 


Sending so much love to each of you!

Dr. Nikki

Imagine, if you could repeatedly remind yourself...

to respond with patience and kindness,

to focus on abundance instead of scarcity,

to love yourself so much that your confidence radiates!

How much better would your life get?