Intermittent Fasting Recipes

Miso Soup


3 Cups Hot Water

2 Garlic Cloves Chopped

1 inch of Fresh Ginger thinly sliced

1T Miso Paste

1 Lemon

1/4 Cup Cilantro

1/4t Himalayan Pink Salt


Start by warming the water. Chop the garlic and slice the ginger. Stir the Miso in a cup of warm water to melt the paste. Add all ingredients and let marinate for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Nut Based Milk


3 Cups of Filtered Water

2T Raw Almond Butter or Raw Tahini

5-10 drops Monk Fruit

1/8t Himalayan Pink Salt

1 Date (Optional)


Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend for 30 seconds. Store in a fridge. Last 4-5 days. Enjoy!