How to Charge What You Are Worth

Every coach started out thinking “no will pay me $1,000 to talk to me for an hour.”

Here’s the thing… I paid $25,000 for a coach once.

We saw each other twice a month for an hour and a half each time.

Had I broken that down into hourly cost I would have never signed up. (Worked out to almost $1,500 an hour!)

I wasn’t earning income at the time so that would have been way out of my range.

But for some reason, $25,000 felt manageable… Because I knew I needed help.

And in hindsight, that coach kickstarted my career. It was worth every penny!

He saw a sparkle in my eye when I spoke about an old dream I had of hosting a health talkshow.

He caught that sparkle and dug deeper. (A sign of a good coach!)

Within 2 weeks, I found a studio and had my first interview on Grassroots TV in Aspen.

My dream came alive because I invested in myself and paid top dollar for a good coach.

Point is, you must value your work based on the transformation your clients can experience.

How might their lives change with your guidance?

What is it worth for their dreams to come true??

Would you pay $25,000 for your dreams to come true?

Yes of course! You’d find the money.

Take some time now to journal: what transformation will my clients experience?

Marie Forleo suggests exploring it this way: “Who do I need to be in order to deliver 10-20 times the value of my fee?”

Then focus on the results and long term impact for the client.

Keep in mind: People will gladly pay to handle a problem. (Very few pay for prevention)

So what problem are you solving and what is the solution’s price range? (example $200-$2,000)

Now what number feels comfortable to you? It might be the lower end to start. That’s fine!

If $200 feels like a no brainer to you… start there!

If you can say “it’s only $200 and you get all of this transformation” with confidence… use that as your starting point.

If you can nudge it up to $500 and still feel confident that you will provide that much value go for it!

Commit to working with 10 people at that price and after 10 you will feel much more comfortable asking for more.

Who knows! You may start asking for more after working with the first 3 because you will see your true value. Either way, the key is to get started!

This trick takes away the fear. Fill your calendar with clients at a price you feel comfortable asking for and then plan to bump it up after that first batch.

Deal? Leave a comment below on how this helped you or with any questions. I’m here for ya!

Lots of love,

Dr. Nikki

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