How to know your higher purpose

According to the Ayurvedic Philosophy, true health and happiness comes when servings one's Dharma, or higher purpose.

Makes sense... if you are in alignment with why you are here, and offering your talents in service of the greater good...

you will feel abundant thanks to all the gratitude from those you are serving

and from the sheer joy of giving, especially doing something you are good at.

This happiness floods your. body with feel good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin

And you experience overall health & wellbeing.

So how can we know what our higher purpose is?

These 3 questions will lead the way to inward exploration:

1. What do you love? (What lights you up)

2. What are you innately good at?

3. Who do you want to serve?

Journal on these 3 questions and you will start to uncover your higher purpose. Doing what lights you up, that you are innately good at, with the people you want to help... is a recipe for a truly fulfilling & happy life!

If you need further assistance getting clear on what you are here to do or who you are here to serve please book a call with me. I am delighted to help you uncover your dharma!

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