Is Your Subconscious Blocking You?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

"Anything you are struggling to accomplish (work, health, relationships) if you are struggling it’s because you have a subconscious programming that doesn’t support that conclusion.” Bruce Lipton

If you want to know what your subconscious programs are… Look at what you are trying to get but always seems out of reach. The universe wants to provide. But your subconscious may be blocking you from receiving.

The great news is you can rewrite your subconscious programs by repeating a new belief over and over until it becomes the new programming. You subconscious requires repetition to form a new habit, a new neural pathway.

According to Bruce Lipton, you take the wishes and desires of the conscious mind and use them as a program that installs the beliefs into your subconscious mind. Once in the subconscious mind… the mind will take you to that direction 95% of the day. You see, 95% of our day, we are running old subconscious tapes… repetition of past thinking and responses. We, therefore, attract the same future.

As Joe Dispenza states… the familiar past will soon be your predictable future. The sooner you can gain control over your thoughts, the sooner you can change your future. That’s where the clicker comes in.

Having the clicker in your hand reminds you to stay alert and focussed on your ideal future. Instead of letting your subconscious run the show, you take control of your destiny and consciously direct your life. Because what you place your attention on is what you attract more of. So if you are worried about money or constantly reliving a fight with someone in your head… you will attract more scarcity and people to fight with.

If you really want to change your future life, you must control your thoughts today. Whether it’s attracting more abundance, gaining more confidence, staying peaceful with triggering people, or improving your health… The Clicker Club has a training for you. And if you just want to be more present, make sure to check out Get Present Get Powerful. You will learn how to tap into an infinite source of abundance, clarity and peace.

Lots of love,

Dr. Nikki

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