WEEK 1 - See
Get crystal clear on your vision that lights you up & uses all your talents.


WEEK 2 - Release
Let go of limiting beliefs holding you back & move foward with confidence!


WEEK 3 - Build
Build confidence to share your message and deliver presentations

WEEK 4 - Scale
Learn creative ways to collaborate and attract exactly what you need.


What To Expect:

  • 1 Deep Dive - Clarify Purpose & Vision
  • 1 Deep Dive - Identify Limiting Beliefs
  • 4 Confidence Boosting Clicker Trainings


As well as...

  • Brainstorm Action Steps to Scale
  • 5 Days to Maximize Your Power
  • Journal Topics to explore & inspire
  • Dr. Nikki Nutrition Review


I know this will transform your life like it did mine!


Sending so much love,

Dr. Nikki

1 Month Immersion Coaching

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