Staying Patient and kind

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Assignment: Click 500 times... I am Present. 


Supercharge! - In this moment, I am present OR From this moment on, I am present.

Goal: To become fully conscious at each moment... brushing your teeth, petting the dog, making your tea, your child’s voice, your husband snoring. Take it all in without judgement. Just play silent witness to your day... like you are watching a movie.


Witness: What is your inner dialogue saying? 


Throughout the day keep repeating the mantra and noticing your inner state. Notice any small irritations. What triggered you? What does anger feel like in your body? Can you locate it? Go there and ask.. what are you here to teach me? I am present. click! 


Maybe you are craving food. What does food craving feel like? Is it in your head or body? Are you physically hungry or mentally hungry? See the potential with staying present? What triggered the food craving? Did someone upset you? Or are you simply trying to get away from doing a boring task? 


Just keep clicking - become intensely present. Feel the breeze. Hear the birds. Notice the vibrant colors of flowers. Feel the inside of your body. Can you feel your heart beating? Straighten your posture. Feel the shift in state.

I am present - You will start to notice the qualities of everything around you and within you. This practice can bring great insights into your inner world which will likely mirror your outer world.

In the evening journal about your discoveries. See you tomorrow!



Dr. Nikki