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This training has a few options based on your needs. The first option is to focus on gratitude for the abundance already in your life. The second option is to bring your attention to the limiting beliefs about money and your ability to generate it. And lastly, I will leave you with my favorite mantra given by Deepak Chopra. 

Gratitude: Where your attention goes energy flows. So the more you focus on the incredible abundance already in your life, the more you attract abundance. Simple Law of Attraction. 

Sample gratitude mantras

I am grateful for the abundance of loving friends in my life

I am grateful for the abundance of love and laughter I can emanate

I am grateful for the abundance of nature and beauty in my life

I am grateful for the abundance of architecture and ingenuity

Limiting Beliefs: We are powerful sensing beings. We can attract or repel what we want with our thoughts. If you live in a place of scarcity… if you allow thoughts of: I don’t have enough, I am going to run out of money, or I need money to make money… you will create that reality. Your present day experience is a result of your past thinking. 


My limiting belief was that I didn’t have the discipline or consistency to be successful and generate real income for myself. This is actually the exact belief that brought me the clicker. My coach Jeff Patterson, challenged me to 10,000 clicks in 3 weeks on the mantra: I have all the discipline I need to create great wealth. 500 times a day I stated: I have all the discipline I need to create great wealth. You can imagine how after even just 5,000 clicks... my brain would be rewired for that belief.


Over time it morphed to I have everything it takes to create great wealth. Then... I have more than what it takes to create great wealth. 10,000 clicks later, I was ready and empowered to create great wealth. 


To generate your personal mantra journal: What are your beliefs about money? What is holding you back from creating great wealth? Are you not smart enough, pretty enough, disciplined enough, educated enough, courageous to stand up on stage enough? What does your inner dialogue keep telling you? 


Now take that sentence and turn it positive. So if it is... I am not consistent enough to see projects through. Or I don't have what it takes to earn millions. Flip them...

Sample Mantras:

I have all the discipline and consistency I need to create great wealth.

I am confident. I am capable. I am more than enough to generate financial abundance.

I attract the right people and events to help me achieve my goals.

Assignment: Say your mantra out loud 500 times and see what limiting beliefs come up. Just play witness to your inner dialogue and keep clicking! Click till a fire lites inside you that you can’t wait to prove your mantra right!

Lastly, this mantra, taught to me by Deepak Chopra during his 21 Days to Abundance Meditation challenge, worked like magic! 

From this moment on, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.

Simple yet powerful. I repeated this for just 2 days and a friend called to say he’s mailing me $1,000 to get me on his payroll. He loved what I was creating and wanted to support me. Point is… I opened up the possibility of money flowing in. Had I stuck with my inner dialogue of financial scarcity... he may never have felt the urge to reach out because the channel wasn’t open. Makes sense? 

Again this isn't just positive thinking. Repeating the abundance mantras will reprogram your subconscious so that you stop sending out mixed messages of doubt and start choosing behaviors that are aligned with your new abundance manifesting self. You are taking hold of the wheel and actively directing your thoughts to create the life that you want. This may take a few days but you will notice a mental shift day 1. By day 3 you won't need the clicker to catch the limiting thoughts and flip them to how you choose to show up instead. 

Remember The Clicker Rules:  (click -->video tutorial)

1. Commit to holding your clicker! The more you click the faster you reprogram.

2. Say your mantras out loud and with conviction. Declaring your mantra registers it faster and keeps your attention. Otherwise your thoughts can drift off easier.

3. Keep a journal with you to write down any limiting beliefs that have been governing your life. This will bring more awareness to them so that you can chose differently. 

Please post your favorite mantra on The Clicker Club Facebook group. We want to learn from you and celebrate your success!

I'm so proud of you! Happy clicking!

Dr. Nikki

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