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I'm so happy you signed up for this training because boosting your Confidence will change your life! The goal of this training is to get you to focus on everything that you love about yourself and the life you have created. So much of our lives we repeat the thoughts of not good enough and we take things personally that have nothing to do with us. Today, your job is to reverse all that by directing all of your thoughts on how incredibly kind and beautiful your soul is. ZERO self-doubt allowed! Only full faith in your capabilities (because you are capable of A LOT!) and full attention on what makes you wonderful. Details below...

Assignment: 500 Clicks on everything you love about yourself and your life. Cycle through each of the 4 sections: Intelligence, Emotions, Body, and Spiritual. (Below are some samples.) When you get to one that is juicy, that feels really good, repeat it until another comes to mind.


I am educated / I am wise

I am strong/ I am powerful/ I am disciplined

I am capable of creating anything I desire

I expect my dreams to come true!

I see the goodness in people

I have the courage to explore uncharted territory

I am creative (photographer, writer, singer, dancer)

Emotional Self

I am kind / I am loving / I am loved

I am nurturing

I am deeply compassionate

I love supporting friends

I find joy in little things


I have an inviting smile

I have long sexy legs

I have a great bubble butt

I ooze sex appeal!


I am guided

I am protected

I have angels watching over me

I am connected to my inner wisdom

I am a spiritual Goddess!

If you feel blocked or uncomfortable pointing out your greatness, please book a session with me. I'd be delighted to guide you through the self-doubt to a more confident place. 

Remember The Clicker Rules:  (click -->video tutorial)

1. Commit to holding your clicker! The more you click the faster you reprogram.

2. Say your mantras out loud and with conviction. Declaring your mantra registers it faster and keeps your attention. Otherwise your thoughts can drift off easier.

3. Keep a journal with you to write down any limiting beliefs that have been governing your life. This will bring more awareness to them so that you can chose differently. 

Please post your favorite mantra on The Clicker Club Facebook group. We want to learn from you and celebrate your success!

There is SO much to celebrate about you! Happy clicking!


Dr. Nikki

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