Trigger Ridder


Wish you could control your reactions?

Have you ever lost your temper and then felt awful?

Do you struggle to stay patient with your kids?

Does your controlling mother enrage you?

Don't waste another day being upset with yourself and possibly ruin important relationships!




Imagine if you could consistently stay patient and loving in the presence of triggering kids, parents, partners. You could:
  • Model healthy behavior & create a peaceful home
  • Create a respectful relationship w/ your parents
  • Share your needs with your partner with grace
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Trigger Ridder Training will help you: 

  • Identify the subconscious beliefs that lead to feeling triggered & full of self-doubt.

  • Get the tools you need to continuously show up your ideal self... loving & confident.

  • See challenging events and triggering people as opportunities for your evolution!


What life looks like when you control your thoughts:

  • You maintain a connection to your inner peace, so that triggering people don't affect you.

  • You stop negative thinking and start feeling empowered by what you are creating instead.

  • You complete projects at work with confidence & ease, allowing for abundance to flow in.

If you want to stop exploding on your loved ones...


You must gain control of your inner dialogue


And stop the ruminating thoughts


Especially the ones that begin with…


She is trying to control me! Or he doesn’t respect me. He expects me to pick up after him.


The thought “she is trying to control me” would lead to surges of rage within me!


No one controls me.


The irony is that control freaks have a real problem with being controlled. 


Our ego is not ok with being controlled. 


We want autonomy and freedom to be and do as we wish. 


When freedom is seemingly taken away… we revolt! 


or we resign now and explode later. :)



If you want to keep the peace…


You have to let go of the story that someone is trying to control you.


I can hear you now… “but he/she IS controlling!”


Hear me out…


The truth is, if it’s someone who loves you like your parent or partner


Their intention is likely not to control but to protect you…


from something they fear happening to you.


In other words… they are “controlling” you because they love you (and fear losing you.)


When my mother dictates how I should do something,


She is showing me a “better” way. It’s her way of loving me. 


The intention is not to control but rather to help me do things better.


From her perspective… she has figured out the best way to do things.


She only says something because she cares.


When we shift our perspective to theirs…


When you keep your attention on their intention…


and acknowledge that the true intention is to love…


Or to protect (from whatever they fear… loosing you)


Then you can proceed with love instead of anger. 


You can declare your needs.. to be allowed the freedom of choice…


From a loving kind place instead of an uproar of emotional spewing.


You can say “thank you for loving me so much. 


I hear you and I appreciate your guidance.


Please trust that I am capable of making a good decision. 


Please allow me to choose what makes me happy.”


Can you see how that would de-escalate the issue instead of fuel a battle of egos? 


Shift to appreciation of their love and you won’t feel controlled.


And you’ll respond with love. 


And better yet… over time, they will too.


If you need more help with staying patient… Trigger Ridder Training is a must!


I lived with my strong Israeli Mother for 3 months isolated during COVID. I would not have lasted 3 days without a major blowout prior to the clicker. It saved me… us. I decided how I wanted to show up… with patience and kindness no matter what she threw at me. After a few days of my clicker technique I was in complete control.


Sure I still feel some rage rise within sometimes but I am able to witness the emotions arising from the negative inner dialogue and shift both before they grow into an explosion. I am now able to stay peaceful and kind with my mother. It feels amazing… For both of us! 


Check out The Clicker Club for additional trainings on getting present, confident, abundant, and healthy!



Dr. Nikki


Important point: you only need to hold the clicker for a few days. Your subconscious learns quickly. Once you get in the habit of catching your automatic reactions and reconnecting with how you want to show up instead, you can do it without the clicker in hand. To this day, I keep my clicker in hand while with my mother. It's worth holding a clicker to feel peace.

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