Who triggers you? Your Mom, Dad, husband, wife, kids, boss. Who gets under your skin? 


What are 3 words to describe them? (Ex. controlling, blaming, angry)


What are 3 words to describe how you show up in response to them? Do you find yourself getting angry, controlling and blaming the other person for “making you mad?” Or do you shut down and do your best to avoid the situation?


Journal: How would you like to show up instead? (Ex. patient, kind)​ How would you like to show up no matter your surroundings. 


Sample Mantras:

I am patient and kind even when people are controlling and angry. 

I am patient and kind even when my mom blames me.

I am patient and kind even when ______ is being ______.


To super charge your mantra add some pleasure: 

I love being patient and kind with my mother.

I love remaining patient and kind even when I’m being triggered.

I enjoy being staying peaceful with my children.

I feel at peace when I remain connected to my inner peace and wisdom.


The goal here is to connect showing up your ideal self with an emotional reward. Your subconscious learns best with a focussed intention mixed with pleasure repeated many times. 


Supercharge Option 2: Try adding… I love who I am when I am…


Sample Mantras:

I love who I am when I am patient with my children.

I love who I am when I am patient and kind with my mother.

I love who I am when I am patient and kind despite human dysfunction.


Makes sense? Good! Start clicking! 500 clicks - you can do it! If you need extra help generating a powerful mantra or feel stuck in any way please book a private session with me below. I can help you get to a place of more peace and acceptance. 


Book recommendation: A New Earth by Eckert Tolle… it was the first self help book that taught me something new about the human condition/dysfunction. This new awareness brought me so much peace!

Remember The Clicker Rules: (click -->video tutorial)

1. Commit to holding your clicker! The more you click the faster you reprogram.

2. Say your mantras out loud and with conviction. Declaring your mantra registers it faster and keeps your attention. Otherwise your thoughts can drift off easier.

3. Keep a journal with you to write down any limiting beliefs that have been governing your life. This will bring more awareness to them so that you can chose differently. 

Please post your favorite mantra on The Clicker Club Facebook group. We want to learn from you and celebrate your success!


Happy clicking!

Dr. Nikki

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