Imagine if you could consistently stay patient and kind... 


How much more loving would your relationships be?

If you are really ready to control your reactions and show up with love and patience with your kids, your mom, your partner... whoever triggers you... then you must sign up for my latest Trigger Ridder Training.

I explain the step by step instructions on how to use the clicker most effectively for the fastest transformation. You will learn how to create your own personalized mantras and how to SUPERcharge them so that you reprogram your subconscious in record time. 


I've made it super easy to follow and implement without a large time commitment. Just 15 min of video training and you'll be equipped to handle any trigger with grace and ease.

Are You Ready?

You will learn:

1. How to uncover the subconscious thoughts/beliefs that fuel the trigger.

2. How to create a mantra that solidifies the connection to your ideal self.

3. How to SUPERcharge your mantra so that you gain control of your responses faster!

This transformational work completely changed my relationship with my Mama. I am able to show up loving and kind even when she is being challenging. If feels so good to stay peaceful! 

This training will work for your too! You cannot fail. All you have to do is hold the clicker and you will be reminded to stay connected to your ideal self. Within days you will notice a significant shift in your ability to maintain control of your reactions. So rewarding!

I look forward to hearing about your newfound peace. Sign up now. You will be happy you did!


Dr. Nikki




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