Why the clicker works!

Check out this 2 min video explaining why Mr. Clicker works so well at rewiring the brain quickly! It's a combination of:

                     1. the sound rewards your brain

                     2. the numbers measure your success

                     3. holding it reminds you to stay connected

Your subconscious requires repetition to form a habit. Mr. Clicker takes remembering out of the equation. You just have to hold Mr. Clicker and you will be inspired to repeat your mantras and stay connected to your ideal self.

Imagine, if you could repeatedly remind yourself to... 

       Respond with patience and kindness 

        Replace self-doubt with confidence

        Attract abundance instead of scarcity... 

How much better life would get?!

If you are really ready to control your reactions and show up with love and patience with your kids, your mom, your partner... whoever triggers you...


Check out my latest Trigger Ridder Training. It gives you step by step instructions on how to create your personal SUPERcharged mantras that will reprogram your subconscious in record time. 

Are you ready?

You will learn:

1. How to uncover the subconscious thoughts/beliefs that fuel the trigger.

2. How to create a mantra that solidifies the connection to your ideal self.

3. How to SUPERcharge your mantra so that you gain control of your responses faster!

This transformational work completely changed my relationship with my Mama. I am able to show up loving and kind even when she is being challenging. If feels so good to stay peaceful!


This training will work for your too! The short videos give precise instructions. I've made them super easy to follow and implement. Check out Trigger Ridder Training and enjoy a newfound peace...

Love, Dr. Nikki